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About our school

North Sydney Girls is an academically selective high school catering to the needs of over 900 highly gifted students. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds with 93% for whom English is an additional language or dialect. The school community has high expectations for students and staff and the school consistently achieves outstanding academic results.

Our differentiated and conceptually based curriculum emphasises higher order critical, creative and collaborative thinking skills to enrich and extend the gifted learner. Learning experiences inside the classroom are complemented by extensive co-curricular sporting, cultural and leadership programs. Achieving one's personal best and self reflection are key elements of the school's ethos leading to a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Embracing personal growth, students practise developing skills in resilience and adaptability. Positive mental health will assist students in becoming more confident in their beliefs and voice, being productive and active citizens. By empowering social skills and the ability to build relationships, students will develop the confidence needed for future success.

Parents, staff and students have agreed to develop common values in our students - resilience, responsibility, confidence, kindness, compassion, independence, courage and diligence.

Parental support is strong with a commitment to the holistic education of all students. The support of extensive extra and co-curricular activities such as student voice, music, sport, leadership, enrichment and STEM programs is thoroughly integrated.

Strong partnerships with our alumni, school networks and external stakeholders are fostered to ensure a collaborative and dynamic community emerges

Technology is seamlessly integrated into classroom practice with all students having their own mobile learning device. The technology infrastructure and on-hand support are exceptional, allowing collaborative learning to extend beyond the classroom.

An extensive consultation process with all key stakeholders is captured in our Situational Analysis. Through extensive research, literature reviews, analysis of internal and external data, surveying of students, staff and parents and focus groups, we were able to identify three strategic directions for our Strategic Improvement Plan (2021-2024).

Through our situational analysis we have identified the need to embed strategies that enhance literacy and build a culture of reflective learning to ensure we achieve "Sustained Growth". The integration of highly effective formative feedback practices and self-regulated learning are key initiatives to ensure we achieve "Feedback for Growth". In building "Collaborative Communities", we aim to develop a professional learning culture and productive relationships to achieve personal best.

We will begin to develop a partnership with our local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, Gawura, and consult with them to ensure all Aboriginal students find school to be engaging and culturally safe places to learn, succeed and feel confident in their heritage, cultures and languages. In working in collaboration with Gawuru and other Indigenous organisations, we will ensure that our non-Aboriginal students understand the heritage and culture of Aboriginal people especially the Cammeraygal people. All students will attain an understanding of the history of the interaction between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. As a school community we commit ourselves to move "towards higher things" in all endeavours.

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