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Student Leadership

This is a happy, supportive school in which the students play a prominent part in all aspects of school life. Leadership skills are encouraged and developed by

  • An energetic Prefect body - activities include running school assemblies, inter-school activities with North Sydney Boys High School, and induction programs for Year 7 students
  • An active Student Representative Council drawn from all Years
  • Student representation on the School Council
  • Peer support system pairing Year 11 and Year 7 students
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which encourages initiative responsibility


At North Sydney Girls, the Student Representative Council plays an integral part of student life. It consists of 35 motivated representatives who are dedicated to making North Sydney Girls an enjoyable and inclusive place. 

Elections for the SRC take place in Term 3; five students from Year 7 to 12, except for Year 11 where eight representatives are chosen, to fill the executive positions within the body. The students are trained and inspired to develop goals and values, which will support the wellbeing and personal growth of the students they represent.

Each year our SRC values and goals evolve to meet the changing needs of the cohort, which exists within its societal landscape and thus it will take on varying projects and activities. We have commemorated important days like RUOK day, NAIDOC week and International Womens' Day. We are also in charge of Mocktail Night; this is an annual event that connects senior students with alumni and allows them to network and gain insight into life beyond NSG. Other school-wide events include upholding NSG traditions with the Candycane deliveries every Christmas as well as interschool activities with North Sydney Boys High School (e.g. Junior/Senior Games Night and Trivia).

In the past the SRC have provided students with better facilities within the school, they have improved diaries, changed the school’s uniform, fund-raised for many worthy charities and much, much more!

Presently and in the future, the North Sydney Girls Student Representative Council will continue to strive to motivate students, maintain a link between the staff and students within the school community and raise school spirit by making school fun.


The Prefect Body has a storied history dating back to 1915 when a small group of students were elected school leaders. Today, we have a stringent election process through which 27 of our most accomplished and outgoing students become school leaders in Year 12. The role of prefect is highly esteemed, and offers students an opportunity to serve their school community and improve both the wellbeing of students and contribute to the functioning of a busy educational environment. These thoughtful and energetic students are role models within the school community.

The prefect body functions as the intermediary between the school executive and the larger student body, as well as representing their HSC cohort. Prefects actively engage in a variety of school activities including monitoring of student uniform, bus duty and the running of assemblies. Within the prefect body, they elect the Captain, Vice-Captain and Senior Prefect to lead them. Each prefect has an allocated role and all work tirelessly for the betterment of the school community.

The prefects run a range of student events across the year and model the best of NSGHS in terms of behaviour, academic achievement, sporting prowess, musical talent and other talents and skills that make them inspirational to the students of NSGHS. They also have a role in inter-school relations through the networking that arises from the Prefect Afternoon Tea and other interschool events. Many have contributed to the running of either the Student Representative Council, the Charities and Social Justice Council, or other prominent student voice groups, in order to develop leadership and organisational skills.

Our prefects gain numerous valuable skillsets and experience real world problem solving that foster the development of autonomy and a powerful voice with which to take their place on the world stage.



Our Charities and Social Justice Council have an esteemed place in the history of student voice groups within the school. The CSJC primary role is in raising funds for worthy charities and also raising awareness about important social justice issues. Members of the committee are elected from across years 7-12 with all representatives liaising with their own year group and contributing to projects and initiatives organised by the CSJC. Our Year 11 representatives form the Executive Committee and aim to foster the development of leadership skills within the group, working closely with their teacher facilitators.  

The highlight of each calendar year is Charities Day; a whole day devoted to fundraising. The carnival style atmosphere is a huge undertaking and an enjoyable experience for all involved. The enthusiasm for altruism is evident across the student body. An array of food, drinks, games, and our ever-popular Talent Quest, is an opportunity to embrace the values and ethos of the school by using our privilege to make the world a better place.  

Our students thrive in an environment where the development of leadership skills, through active participation, fosters empowerment, agency and a strong voice with which to speak to the broader community.