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Duke of Ed

North Sydney Girls High School is an active participant in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (D.E.A.S)

The DEAS is inspiring, enriching and very rewarding to all students who choose to participate. The program builds teamwork and is a fantastic way to get in touch with the intriguing wilderness around us and to also provide a passage of self-discovery.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme involves three awards: The Bronze Award, The Silver Award, and the Gold Award. In all three stages of the scheme there are four components to complete of varying hours, depending on the level:

  • physical recreation
  • skill
  • community service
  • 2 or more expeditions
  • residential project (only for Gold Awardees).

In 2021, we were proudly presented with 1 Gold Award, 4 Silver Awards and 12 Bronze Awards.