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NSG Amnesty

NSG Amnesty is a student voice group that aims to spread awareness and fundraise within the school community for issues related to human rights. We meet every Friday lunch and discuss a range of presently relevant issues; refugee rights, Indigenous rights and women's rights to name a few. If you care about these issues domestically, or globally, we would love to see you at our meetings!



SHOUT is a student voice group that aims to advocate and raise awareness of children and families in need. We have worked with organisations such as Blue Dragon and Red Dust to support underprivileged lives around the world. Coming to SHOUT is a great experience! You’ll be given opportunities to develop leadership skills, learn, actively help others and earn merits! We meet every Thursday lunchtime.



We are a student group that addresses current affairs to build knowledge of the world around us, inviting speakers from across all fields to discuss particular topics of interest. We are also ready to begin our newsletters project, preparing to host weekly meetings. Additional dates and times will be confirmed soon. Make sure to drop us an email, if you haven't already signed up during U-WEEK. We hope to see you all soon :) 



Hi! We are a student voice group that is passionate about creating a more sustainable future. Over the next two terms we're hosting fundraisers, school-wide competitions, implementing sustainable projects around school and so much more! If you support this mission, join us Thursday lunch! Can't wait to see you all there :)



Representatives of Animal Rights (ROAR) is a student-run voice group that focuses on raising awareness regarding animal injustices and serving to make an overall positive impact on our very much loved wildlife. Our meetings run every Friday lunch. Everyone is welcome to come!



Women's Collective meets every Wednesday lunch to discuss issues faced by women. Members of the group present on women's issues that impact them or that they want to raise awareness of. Women's Collective runs a number of different events throughout the year, including talks, mufti days and awareness campaigns.



NSG Diversity is a student run group that aims to educate and discuss topics of cultural and general relevance that deal with minority or marginalised groups (chances are you fall into one of these categories). We meet during Tuesday lunch in B11. Come by to learn about racebased judgement, neurodivergence, LGBTIQA+ issues and more.