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Amnesty International

What is Amnesty International?

It is an international organisation that fights for human rights all over the world. It is a non-government organisation so it relies entirely upon volunteers and donations from the public. It uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a basis for its campaigns and it fights for the following key issues (among others):

  • A fair trial for everyone regardless of guilt or innocence
  • Prevention of inhumane treatment, ill treatment especially torture
  • Freedom of speech and the press in all countries
  • Fighting against prejudice on the grounds of race, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation. 

How does it achieve these goals?

By petitioning governments and writing letters and raising awareness by shining a light on these issues. Amnesty International helps victims of human rights abuses.

Of the 47,000 cases Amnesty has fought for over the past 40 years, 45,000 of these cases have been successful.


SHOUT! aims to raise awareness and carry out fundraisers to address children's rights issues. Creating the Shout group was an effective way in which we could exercise our right and fulfil our responsibility to speak out about violations of children's rights all around the world.

Last year we successfully carried out fundraisers for the UNICEF 'Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education' programs in Zambia and the Barnados's Australia Christmas appeal.

This year, we've incorporated into Shout's aim, our role as a school seed of the Oaktree Foundation, which is a movement of young Australians seeking to empower children in the 'Developing' world through education and community-based partnership. Our main focus this year is on hosting a fundraiser for the Oaktree Foundation as a part of the 'Thousand Dinners for Life'. We are also looking forward to carrying out discussions on children's rights issues and fundraisers for organisations such as 'Save the Children Australia'.

We believe that by raising awareness and taking action as young people on a local level, we are contributing to instrumental changes in the interests of children and young people on a global level.