North Sydney Girls High School

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Portrait of Kathleen Cole-Harper

The Wellbeing Team follows the guidelines set by the Department of Education Wellbeing Framework that encourage schools to create learning environments that enable students to be healthy, happy, engaged and successful. At North Sydney Girls High School, the Wellbeing Team provides support for student wellbeing through a dynamic program of activities purposefully designed to strengthen student wellbeing and provide strong connections between students and the school community. There are strong links between wellbeing and learning and success. Wellbeing is valued as a fundamental aspect for all students and takes place as one of the three Strategic Directions in the School Plan, known as ‘Supporting Learning’. The aims are for students to:-

  • be actively connected to their learning, have positive and respectful relationships and experience a sense of belonging to their school and community.
  • be respected, valued, encouraged, supported and empowered to succeed.
  • grow and flourish, do well and thrive.

Wellbeing activities at this school are reviewed yearly and are set out on the ‘Wellbeing Roadmap’ that includes orientation and leadership camps, peer mentoring programs, student mentoring programs, combined and individual year group Wellbeing Days, the year 11 ‘Life Ready’ program, and fortnightly meet periods for year 11 and 12 year groups. 

Youth Mental Health:

Rape Crisis:    Phone:  9819 6565


Butterfly Foundation: 1800 334 673

Kids Helpline (24 hours) – 1800 551 800

Domestic violence/sexual assault: 1800 737 732